Business travel- The new age travelers!

A business outing is an outing attempted for work or business purposes, rather than different sorts of travel, for example, for recreation purposes or frequently driving from one’s home to the working environment.

Back in the 90’s business travel meant a sense of pride and accomplishment. Someone being sent on a business trip gave others another reason for them to envy the already successful individual. Eventually as time and business processes evolved, business travel was not just reserved to the top management or the successful, it opened to a completely new and a vibrant workforce.

Today’s businesses are more dynamic and tend to send representatives who can replicate the same kind of energy and dynamism in themselves. Interestingly the larger proportion of this population comprises of younger aged employees who believe in mixing business with leisure, giving rise to a new trend called “bleisure”.

In fact, according to a Bridge Street Global Hospitality report, “60 percent of travellers reported having taken bleisure trips, with 30 percent adding at least two additional days to their trip. Those that have done so say it helps them to work more effectively, takes some of the stress out of business travel and keeps them more relaxed while away from home.” There’s also the added benefit of quality time with a significant other, increasing the amount of time road warriors can spend with family.

The largest group indulging was 25- to 35-year-olds, representing millennials accustomed to a blurred, digital lifestyle. This always-on connected generation is more apt to deploy a business-mixed-with-pleasure mind set. For example, millennial bleisure travellers are more likely to turn an evening out into a networking opportunity.

And bleisure travel continues to grow: 60 percent of the respondents were more likely to take a bleisure trip now than they were five years ago. This percentage is even greater among younger business travellers. Regardless of age, 94 percent stated they do so to gain cultural experiences and to explore the cities they travel to on business. Furthermore, almost 55 percent of bleisure explorers take family members with them, while around 29 percent said they have not yet, however might want to or are wanting to.

For hoteliers and travel suppliers, bleisure travellers offer a clear opportunity to increase revenues from business travellers extending stays. Non-business-oriented hotels should also strategize targeted marketing to this demographic to grab share from business-focused hotels with less appeal as leisure accommodation.



Written by-

Bopanna P C

About the author-

I am currently working with Traveo Soft Pvt Ltd as a business development executive.

Traveo is a fully automated Travel & Expense management cloud solution for enterprises that helps organizations in optimizing spends on business travel. Traveo optimizes the entire travel while ensuring that the chosen options are cost effective, compliant with company policy and convenient for the employees.

If you want to have more details regarding Traveo, feel free to contact me on

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