6 Must Dos to Make Business Travel Safe for Your Employees

Tips for safe Business Travel Image by Alexander Hood from Pixabay

In today’s troubled times, it is imperative to ensure the safety of your employees at all times, especially during a business trip. As a travel administrator, it is your responsibility to prepare a robust and safe travel plan by identifying the countries that are free from danger and chalking out essential pre-travel procedures to be conducted in order to safeguard your company’s employees while fulfilling critical business goals.

Here is a handy checklist that will lift this heavy burden off your shoulders and help you guide your employees to plan a safe and secure corporate visit:

1. Advise Employees to Pack Cabin Baggage with Caution: Ask your employees to take required precautions by wearing protective gear such as masks and gloves to avoid infections. Also, remind them to pack some extra sets of protective equipment in their cabin baggage in case of an emergency. Make sure that all employees travelling on business receive travel advisory as per your company travel policy. If you use a corporate travel management software, you can use the software to make sure that employees receive the travel advisory along with their tickets.

2. Keep Employees Informed of Local Travel Arrangements: Send your employees the latest news and coordinate with the local representatives to ensure that there are no threats and that they can safely complete their trips.

3. Update Information on Local Medical Facilities: Notify your employees about emergency medical and health facilities available at the place of visit and documents required for hospital admission in case of a crisis.

4. Multiple copies of Documents: Ask your staff to take photos and photocopies of important documents such as the passport, driving license, and photo identification cards. They should also give these copies to their family members. If your company uses an advance business travel management software, it should already allow you to have these details. Alternatively, you could ask employees to store these files in a secure file hosting service like Dropbox.

5. Avoid Unhygienic Food: While on business travel, it is also employees’ responsibility to stay safe. Advise your employees to exercise caution when it comes to food by not experimenting with street food and eating out at places where personal health and hygiene could be compromised.

6. Provide Travel Support for Emergencies: Last but not the least, set up a strong support infrastructure to ensure that your staff is not left stranded, if things do not go as per plans. Your travel solution provider should offer both digital and human touchpoints for emergencies.

Do keep these things in mind while planning business trips for your employees. Most importantly, ask them to stay safe and stay healthy.

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Written by-

Sameer Kakar

About the author-

I am founder of Traveo Soft Pvt Ltd which is an Artificial Intelligence based corporate Travel & Expense with Risk Management Software.

Traveo is automating Business Travel & Expense management for enterprises and helping them in optimizing spends on business travel. Traveo optimizes the entire travel while ensuring that the chosen options are cost effective, compliant with company policy and convenient for the employees and also offers incentive based programs to make employees , Travel Managers, HR, Admin & Finance folks happy while highlighting the risks and travel advisory related to the business tripa

If you want to know more about the interesting things that Traveo can do to make business travel hassle free for you and your employees, feel free to contact hello@traveosoft.com

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