Corporate Travel Management Software and Travel Administrators: Friends or Foes?

The advent of artificial intelligence based automation is bringing lot of changes in nearly all aspects of business and some areas of business are more rife than others for disruption. Corporate travel is also one such area where AI based business travel process automation finds very interesting use cases.
From transactional use cases such as automatic travel planning, travel policy compliance, automatic travel booking, automatic expense filing to more analytics based use cases such as insights into costs incurred due to travel policy violations and suggestions for improvement in travel policy.
When so much automation is possible with the help of technology, it is understandable that corporate travel managers might look at technology as an enemy which is trying to make them redundant. Some of them argue that technology cannot capture or understand the needs of their employees or that it’s a domain which is run on relationships with travel inventory providers like airlines, hotels and taxi operators. Therefore, many of them tend to see travel management software as a threat or simply disregard it as just another fancy toy.
So, are these two out there for a duel unto death of one of them? I would like to argue otherwise. I believe that Travel Management Software and Corporate Travel Managers will augment the capabilities of each other. The smart software solutions will make the job of travel managers much more meaningful by relieving them of mundane work like
1. Booking flights and hotels
2. Following up with travel agencies for cancellations and reschedulings
3. Forwarding ticket details to business travellers
4. Ensuring tickets booked are in compliance with the policy
5. Preparing reports
Instead, they can leave these mundane tasks to the software and focus on much more value adding activities such as:
1. Negotiating better rates with travel vendors
2. Aanlyzing data to understand patterns and get insights
3. Re-evaluate travel policy
4. Find avenues of making travel more convenient for the employees while cutting the costs
5. Instituting incentive programs for employees to voluntarily select inexpensive options
In this way, Travel Managers can expand their roles to become business partners rather than mere gate keepers and perform tasks which require human ingenuity and skills.

Written by-

Manish Kataria

About the author-

I am CEO of Traveo Soft Pvt Ltd which is an Artificial Intelligence based corporate Travel & Expense Management Software.

Traveo is automating Business Travel & Expense for enterprises in-turn helping them in optimizing spends on business travel. Traveo optimizes the entire travel while ensuring that the chosen options are cost effective, compliant with company policy and convenient for the employees as well as lot of incentive based programs to make employee’ , Travel Manager, HR, Admin & Finance folks happy.

If you want to know more about the interesting things that we do to make business travel hassle free for corporate and their employee feel free to contact me at

Tips to make your corporate travel hassle free!

Choosing the right mode of travel

Travelling by air might be undoubtedly the fastest way to travel overseas or long distances, but when travelling between shorter distances or to the neighbouring city, there are certain factors to be considered before jumping in to book the tickets for your favourite airline!

The distance between your home to the airport, the time taken to cover the distance, the check-in period and so on! Also, consider the effects of intemperate weather can have on your travel plans! Sometimes shorter trips could be faster via train or car.

Travel light!

There are a lot of risks while travelling and addressing them accordingly is very important. The loss of baggage can be highly devastating when all the documents you wanted for the meeting was in the baggage that you lost at the airport! An alternative measure that can be taken to prevent such mishaps is to carry all the important documents in an electronic media as a softcopy rather than carrying a hardcopy. Moreover, hardcopy occupy a lot of space and exert unnecessary weight! Using a simple flash drive will help you address these issues!

Use cloud based software!

Carrying important documents on the cloud will help you stay worry-free! You won’t have to fret over making sure that you have kept the flash-drive safe and protected. Cloud helps you access it from anywhere in the world and keep it safe!

Check the weather before leaving!

Taking a few minutes to check the weather of the place you are travelling to can be a boon! You don’t want to find yourself carrying only bright summer wear to a place where it’s been snowing consistently. Keeping yourself updated with the weather can help you pack efficiently and help you save yourself from some embarrassing situations.

Take appropriate electrical plug adapters.

If you’re travelling to a foreign country, remember that you might need special voltage adaptors for electricity. You may likewise require plug connectors to suit both electrical attachments and phone jacks. A decent travel store will have the capacity to enable you to choose what’s required.

Optimise using travel and expense management software’s

Booking flights, hotels and cabs for your business travel can be a tedious process, especially if you must make sure that everything falls well within the company policy. There are a lot of Travel and Expense Management software available in the market to help you with it. Traveo is one of the finest Travel and Expense Management Software that can be used for this purpose. It is the world’s first software which automatically plans the business travel of employees by using advanced AI algorithms to book the best flights, hotels and cabs, for the entire trip while ensuring that the chosen options are cost effective, compliant with company policy and convenient for the employees all falling within the company policy.

Written by-

Bopanna P C

About the author-

I am currently working with Traveo Soft Pvt Ltd as a business development executive.

Traveo is a fully automated Travel & Expense management cloud solution for enterprises that helps organizations in optimizing spends on business travel. Traveo optimizes the entire travel while ensuring that the chosen options are cost effective, compliant with company policy and convenient for the employees.

If you want to know more details regarding Traveo, feel free to contact me on